Business & Corporate Law

Establish a corporation and run it like a corporation. That is the blanket advice we give all our business clients.

Are you starting a business and wondering whether to form a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC)?

We can explain how those business entities differ and the filing requirements for creating a corporation, partnership, or LLC. We also will help you understand the tax implications for choosing a corporation, partnership or LLC. Our firm goes even further. We assist you in preparing Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Operating Agreements. We ensure that documents are properly filed with Wisconsin and/or Minnesota state offices. We assist with your first annual meeting, and selection of corporate directors and officers for your corporation. We can even serve as your corporation’s registered agent to help ensure that annual filing requirements are met.

So you already have an existing corporation, partnership or LLC?

You are operating a small or mid-size business in Superior or Duluth?

We provide extensive legal services for you as well. We can help with corporate transfers, business purchases, buy/sell agreements, leases, employment manuals, employee policies, real estate matters. We can even help with the everyday operations of your business by reviewing forms, customer contracts, and internal procedures. We assist with hiring and firing decisions and actions. We represent businesses in workers’ compensation, unemployment and discrimination claims. We can fully meet all your business law needs. That is part of the Superior Legal Services we have provided since 1892.

Thinking of starting a corporation, partnership, LLC, or business? Have a question about business law? Contact attorneys Kyle H. Torvinen, Parrish J. Jones, Lukas J. Saunders or John H. Hendricks for assistance with corporation and business law matters.