Car accident on the Blatnik Bridge between Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin.

 Slip and fall in a gas station in Iron River, Wisconsin.

 Bicycle vs. car accident in Douglas County, Wisconsin.

 Dog bite from the neighbor’s pit bull.

 We know how to handle all of the above, and more. Personal injury claims can arise from many situations, often unexpectedly. Our firm handles them with expertise and precision. We are different from most firms in Superior, Wisconsin or Duluth, Minnesota because we have more than a century of personal injury experience. 

 We know that your personal injury loss often goes beyond just the medical bills. We know that you may have lost time from work, or the ability to work entirely. We know that you may no longer be able to enjoy the hobbies and interests you once did, such as hunting, skiing, biking, or playing with your grandchildren. We know that accidents can change how you live your life, from getting dressed ¡n the morning to cooking meals, to how you sleep, or don’t sleep, at night. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies, other attorneys and even medical providers to maximize your personal injury recovery and minimize your accident-related expenses. If negotiation does not work, we are prepared to take your case to trial, present your story to a jury, and argue for the compensation you are entitled to. Your personal injury claim will be handled in a professional manner from start to finish. 

 Litigation goes beyond just personal injury. Litigation can include landlord-tenant disputes. It can involve contracts, like the wedding photographer who never delivered the photos. Our firm has handled intellectual property suits, assisted with collecting judgments, and litigated easement and land ownership disputes, sued contractors who botched a building job. For over a century, our firm has represented parties In litigation — our loyalty to our clients ensures that you will receive superior legal services. If you have experienced a personal Injury or have a dispute which needs to be litigated, contact any of the attorneys at Torvinen, Jones, Routh, Torvinen & Saunders, S.C. We all work in the personal injury and litigation fields.