Estate Planning and Probate

A simple will is all you need?

Maybe not.

Our firm is committed to understanding our clients’ situations and providing competent and comprehensive legal advice about estate planning.

Did you think about a power of attorney?

How about a health care power of attorney?

Have you properly written a living will or health care directive

What do you need to do to qualify for medical assistance?

What are the tax implications of your current financial situation and estate plan?

We look beyond the quick and easy Will to see what other estate planning tools might best meet your desires. It may be a life estate, or a deed that transfers property on death. It may be a trust to move assets for tax or medical assistance planning. We provided estate planning services before “death taxes,” “estate taxes,” or even income taxes existed. We draft documents for charitable donations, family gifts, property agreements and more. We provide estate planning services not just for the “elderly” but for people of all ages, because your life changes arid your estate planning should change with it. We have handled multi-millionaire estate planning. We have also drafted wills for clients with substantially fewer assets, but strong convictions of how they want their assets distributed. Estate planning includes a comprehensive review of all your assets, debts, plans and dreams. Have your estate planning provided by a firm that has been offering this service since before you were alive.

When a loved one dies, trust a firm that understands the complexity of probating estates. It would be ideal to live in a world where death simply invokes the will of the decedent and property magically transfers to beneficiaries. In reality, probate includes transferring real estate, vehicles, personal property, overseeing estate sales, filing court documents, preparing tax documents, and more. Our firm provides guidance and representation to probate clients. We assist personal representatives with simple probates that can be filed with the court and closed within months. We have also diligently worked with personal representatives in complicated probate matters, will contests, property disputes, and litigation. We know how to handle ‘difficult family members who disagree with the Will or other documents. We assist trustees in distribution of trust assets and dissolving trusts. Since we provide estate planning services and advice, we are informed about estate and trust administration and laws.

For help with your estate planning questions, or assistance with probate matters, contact attorney Mitchell A. Routh.