Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation Services

Having represented clients for more than one hundred fifteen years, our firm has been involved in many different legal disputes. We have personally seen legal trends come and go. Alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, and mediation have recently taken the forefront in resolving matters without resort to a trial, Divorces, personal injury, real estate disputes, business conflicts, employment matters all can benefit from ADR or mediation services. Customer contracts sometimes require arbitration or ADR. Courts are now referring nearly all cases to mediation, arbitration, or alternative dispute resolution. Our practice has always been open minded to resolving disputes with the input and consent of parties.

Long before “ADR” was a trendy, court-imposed process, we were implementing it with our clients and other attorneys. Today, our firm provides comprehensive ADR and mediation services. Our advantage over other mediators or ADR practitioners is that we are a general practice firm with experience in so many areas of law, including car accidents, medical malpractice, business disputes, contract litigation, real estate ownership fights, and more. Chances are someone in our firm has handled a matter similar to yours. That means we can understand the underlying parties’ relationships, the legal standards for that type of dispute, and the parties’ rights.

John Hendricks has more than forty years of litigation and dispute resolution. He provides ADR and mediation services that guide parties to the reality of their situation and likely outcome if the case is not settled.

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